Ms. Haiyan Qian

IMG_7544 Ms. Haiyan Qian, devoted wife, loving mother, and dedicated International Civil Servant for the United Nations, died on the morning of 18 February 2013 at the age of 57 after a heroic battle with cancer.

During the past 33 years, Ms. Qian dedicated her career to global public policy, governance, public administration and development. Since joining the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Ms. Qian has served as Chief Manager of the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN),  Chief of the e-Government Branch (formerly known as Knowledge Management Branch) before becoming the Director of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) on 1 February 2009. Prior to joining UNDESA, Ms. Qian worked for other United Nations agencies, such as the Centre for Science and Technology for Development and UNEP’s Centre on Environmentally Sound Technology in Japan. Before joining the United Nations, Ms. Qian worked for  the Chinese Government in the area of science and technology for development and served in the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations based in New York, covering the United Nations Second Committee on Economic and Social Affairs.

At the United Nations, Ms. Qian has left behind a legacy founded on hard work, dedicated service and loyalty. Ms. Qian was a visionary leader that was admired and respected by all her colleagues and others in the field of public administration around the world.

Ms. Qian received her Bachelor of Arts in Beijing, China and her Master in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

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  1. Veronica Cretu, IGF Member
    Veronica Cretu, IGF Member
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    It is so sad to have such news and my sincere and deepest condolences! May her sole rest in peace, and strengths to the family members to overcome this tragic loss! She will be definitely missed by all of us!

  2. Ndéye Maimouna Diop, Senegal's Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and ICT
    Ndéye Maimouna Diop, Senegal's Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and ICT
    at · Reply

    Sorry for this news. My sinceres condolences.

  3. Makane Faye, ECA
    Makane Faye, ECA
    at · Reply

    Please receive our condolences. May Her Soul rest in peace.

  4. Elba Andrade, CIIIAP
    Elba Andrade, CIIIAP
    at · Reply

    The Ciiiap staff deeply saddened by the passing away of Ms. Haiyan Qian send to DPADM and UNPAN team condolences and reaffirms its commitment to continue to collaborate and contribute with the UNPAN.

  5. Paulette Diene, IDEP
    Paulette Diene, IDEP
    at · Reply

    Peace to her soul and the LORD home in paradise.

  6. Jessie Hou, RCOCI
    Jessie Hou, RCOCI
    at · Reply

    The sad news has just come to me and my team, the air is filled with the scent of great sorrow in our office!
    We have the privilege of knowing Ms. Haiyan and her wonderful team since UNPAN-AP Editorial Department, RCOCI became a member of UNPAN, and all of us were deeply impressed by Ms. Qian’s fascinating passion for life and dedication to the lofty cause of UNPAN.
    We can’t forget she came to our institute two years ago, and through her splendid speech, was regarded as an honest, respectable lady with great humour and a wise leader. Now I, on behalf of Mr. Wang Shiwei and Dang Qimin, Directors of Institute of Information, SASS, Li Nong, Head of UNPAN-AP Editorial Department, and Professor Wang Jianhua, convey our greatest condolences to DPADM and the whole UNPAN family!
    As you said, what we could do to honour our beloved Ms. Qian is to continually support UNPAN through our persistent hard work and closer cooperation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we could do.

  7. Pingfan Hong
    Pingfan Hong
    at · Reply

    Knowing Haiyan for more than 20 years, as a colleague and a family friend, I am profoundly grieved by her passing away. I will remember her for her great humanity, genuine camaraderie, dedication to this noble Organization, and heroism in fighting the cancer. My deepest condolence goes to her family.

  8. Eula Mangaoang, EROPA
    Eula Mangaoang, EROPA
    at · Reply

    We’re very sorry to hear of Ms. Haiyan Qian’s passing. In behalf of the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration, we extend our sincerest and deepest condolences and prayers to her family, friends and colleagues in UNPAN. Rest assured that we will continue to support the activities and programs of UNPAN to uphold her legacy of service in governance and public administration. May her soul rest in peace.

  9. Rosemund Warrington, CARICAD
    Rosemund Warrington, CARICAD
    at · Reply

    Very sad news.

  10. Toni Samuel, ASPA
    Toni Samuel, ASPA
    at · Reply

    On behalf of the Board, members and staff of ASPA, we send out heartfelt condolences. We have lost a true stalwart of global good governance. If there is anything we can do to support you during this challenging time, please feel free to contact me.
    Also, we’d like to pay tribute to Haiyan during the ASPA Annual Conference, as part of our International Assembly meeting. therefore, if you have a statement or tribute you’d like us to include, please forward to me.

  11. Erik Bergrud, Park University, USA
    Erik Bergrud, Park University, USA
    at · Reply

    Thank you for sharing this sad news. I know that the other ASPA officers join me in expressing our condolences to her family and to each of you who worked with her. I recall fondly collaborating with Haiyan during the formative years of UNPAN. Her commitment to fostering south-south relations, most notably in building partnerships in East Asia, significantly grew the Network. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to sustain Haiyan’s legacy.

  12. Talla Kebe, UNECA
    Talla Kebe, UNECA
    at · Reply

    This is sad news. My thoughts go to her beloved ones and to her colleagues, including Candace and yourself. Be your team be strong. May her soul rest in peace.

  13. Sima Hassassian, IPMA-HR
    Sima Hassassian, IPMA-HR
    at · Reply

    I am deeply saddened by the news. Ms Haiyan was so friendly, warm and kind. I had heard of her battle with cancer.

  14. Pan Suk Kim, Rolet Loretan, IIAS
    Pan Suk Kim, Rolet Loretan, IIAS
    at · Reply

    On behalf of the entire IIAS family we express our deepest sorrow for the untimely death of our beloved Mrs. Haiyan Qian.
    She has made an outstanding contribution for the international development and dedicated herself to promote the values and principles of the United Nations; with her initiative and support IIAS and DPADM have successfully collaborated during many years to tackle problems of public administration worldwide.
    She has been an extraordinary woman and a mother we extend out sincere condolence to her family.
    IIAS will honor her memory and continue commitment and collaboration on the projects started under her initiative. She will be greatly missed by all of us.

  15. Neil Reichenberg, IPMA-HR
    Neil Reichenberg, IPMA-HR
    at · Reply

    I am very sorry to hear the news about Haiyan. Haiyan will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate enough to have known her. My sincere condolences to your colleagues and you.

  16. Mohamed Ali Al Qaed, eGA, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Mohamed Ali Al Qaed, eGA, Kingdom of Bahrain
    at · Reply

    We have received with profound sadness the news about the misfortunate demise of Ms. Haiyan Qian. On behalf of all the members of the eGovernment Authority, please accept our deepest condolences for this loss.
    Over the years, we have worked closely with Ms. Haiyan Qian, and we were remarkably touched by her professional determination and her continuous support for our projects and events that concern the Kingdom of Bahrain and we have always valued her presence amongst us and our relation with her.
    We send our sympathies to all the UNDESA dedicated team and her loved ones. Ms. Haiyan Qian will always remain in our hearts and we will forever cherish our memories with her.

  17. Lamya Ebrahim Hasan, eGA, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Lamya Ebrahim Hasan, eGA, Kingdom of Bahrain
    at · Reply

    We have received with deep sadness the news about the demise of Ms. Haiyan Qian, please accept our sincere condolences. Our government leadership would like to send their condolences to her family/ loved ones. May her soul rest in peace.

  18. Peride Blind, ex-DPADM
    Peride Blind, ex-DPADM
    at · Reply

    I am so sorry so saddened…..I will be there for her to say goodbye.

  19. Barbara Ubaldi, OECD
    Barbara Ubaldi, OECD
    at · Reply

    I am still shocked.

  20. Kim Andreasson, Consultant
    Kim Andreasson, Consultant
    at · Reply

    It is with great sadness that I have received the news that Haiyan has passed away. Although I do not work at UNDESA, I feel like part of the family and this is largely due to Haiyan through whom I have met you and many of the other staff. You came to my mind because I always enjoy our interactions when you so kindly helped schedule my lunches and meetings with Haiyan and I’m sure it must be a difficult time for you. It is also particularly sad for me as Haiyan was not only a professional acquaintance but also a personal friend.
    The only bright spot at this moment is that I got the chance to see her for a final time in December.

  21. Yi HE, Jingjing WU, Chinese Mission
    Yi HE, Jingjing WU, Chinese Mission
    at · Reply

    We have no words to express how deeply sorry we are to hear about Haiyan’s passing. We are in shock to hear this news. Please convey our deep condolence to her families. Please know we are here with you all. Just say the word if in any way the Mission could help during this difficult time.

  22. Dolly Tanpinco, DPADM
    Dolly Tanpinco, DPADM
    at · Reply

    I received the news about Haiyan’s passing with great sadness. I share with our colleagues the loss of a fine leader and a friend. We are all fortunate to have known her and we will miss her.

  23. Alisher Igamberdiev
    Alisher Igamberdiev
    at · Reply

    I’d like to express my sincere condolences to Ms. Qian’s family.

  24. Fahed Sabouni
    Fahed Sabouni
    at · Reply

    Ms. Haiyan was very welcoming during my brief stay as an intern at the division. I still remember how she wanted to know about the situation in my birth country Syria and if my family was safe. It’s those small personal gestures that will stick in the memory of colleagues and friends.

  25. Haoliang Xu
    Haoliang Xu
    at · Reply

    I have not had a lot of contact with Haiyan as I mostly worked in the field in the recent past. I learned from Chinese colleagues that Haiyan was in ill health after I returned to New York. But when I met her on various occasions, she never had a word of complaint and pessimism. She always kept her spirits high and dedicated herself to the service of the United Nations. This, I am sure, is how we should remember her!

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