Ms. Haiyan Qian

IMG_7544 Ms. Haiyan Qian, devoted wife, loving mother, and dedicated International Civil Servant for the United Nations, died on the morning of 18 February 2013 at the age of 57 after a heroic battle with cancer.

During the past 33 years, Ms. Qian dedicated her career to global public policy, governance, public administration and development. Since joining the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Ms. Qian has served as Chief Manager of the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN),  Chief of the e-Government Branch (formerly known as Knowledge Management Branch) before becoming the Director of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) on 1 February 2009. Prior to joining UNDESA, Ms. Qian worked for other United Nations agencies, such as the Centre for Science and Technology for Development and UNEP’s Centre on Environmentally Sound Technology in Japan. Before joining the United Nations, Ms. Qian worked for  the Chinese Government in the area of science and technology for development and served in the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations based in New York, covering the United Nations Second Committee on Economic and Social Affairs.

At the United Nations, Ms. Qian has left behind a legacy founded on hard work, dedicated service and loyalty. Ms. Qian was a visionary leader that was admired and respected by all her colleagues and others in the field of public administration around the world.

Ms. Qian received her Bachelor of Arts in Beijing, China and her Master in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

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  1. Rethelny Figueroa de Jain, Director, Institute Central American of Public Administration, ICAP
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    On behalf of ICAP, we express heartfelt sorrow for untimely journey, of our beloved Ms. Haiyan Qian, for heavenly abode. No words can really express the loss we at ICAP feel but we will cherish her memories for ever as a great humanitarian.

    She has been not only stalwart of global good governance but also a true professional. Her extraordinary dedication to the cause of knowledge management and public service has been unparalleled. We can never forget how kind, generous and compassionate she has been to all of us. Her support of public management projects in Central America has been instrumental in progress we have been making at ICAP. We truly have lost a great friend. We are deeply sadden by the loss.

  2. Aziz Hilali, IGF
    Aziz Hilali, IGF
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    She was a wonderful woman. Our condolences to her friends and family.

  3. Jimson Olufuye, Africa ICT Alliance - AfICTA
    Jimson Olufuye, Africa ICT Alliance - AfICTA
    at · Reply

    I join the IG family to commiserate with the family and friends of our beloved Haiyan Qian.

    May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  4. Mohamed Ali Al Qaed, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Mohamed Ali Al Qaed, Kingdom of Bahrain
    at · Reply

    We have received with profound sadness the news about the misfortunate demise of Ms. Haiyan Qian. On behalf of all the members of the eGovernment Authority, please accept our deepest condolences for this loss.
    Over the years, we have worked closely with Ms. Haiyan Qian, and we were remarkably touched by her professional determination and her continuous support for our projects and events that concern the Kingdom of Bahrain and we have always valued her presence amongst us and our relation with her.
    We send our sympathies to all the UNDESA dedicated team and her loved ones. Ms. Haiyan Qian will always remain in our hearts and we will forever cherish our memories with her.

  5. Valeria Betancourt, APC
    Valeria Betancourt, APC
    at · Reply

    This is very sad news. Our deepest condolences to Ms Qian’s family. She was a committed and nice person.

  6. Ayesha Hassan, IGF
    Ayesha Hassan, IGF
    at · Reply

    This is truly sad news. Haiyan was an amazing professional, and we so appreciated her efforts to meet with and work with the range of stakeholders involved in the IGF over the years.
    Please convey our sincere condolences to her family, friends and UN DESA colleagues.

  7. Anriette Esterhuysen, IGF
    Anriette Esterhuysen, IGF
    at · Reply

    This is really a shock… very sad. Our condolences on to her friends, family and colleagues.

  8. Judy Okite, IGF
    Judy Okite, IGF
    at · Reply

    Sincere and deepest condolences, to the entire UN family, all her relatives and friends for such a great loss.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  9. Veronica Cretu, IGF
    Veronica Cretu, IGF
    at · Reply

    So sad to have such news! My sincere and deepest condolences.
    May her soul rest in peace, and strength to the family members to overcome this tragic loss! 

    She will be definitely missed by all of us!

  10. Maye Diop, IGF
    Maye Diop, IGF
    at · Reply

    Sorry for this news.
    My sinceres condolences.

  11. Mikhail Dmitriev, CEPA Member
    Mikhail Dmitriev, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    My deep condolences to Haiyan’s family, friends and colleagues. I shall always remember Haiyan as an excellent leader, thoughtful and sensitive person who was capable to find so successfully common ground and understanding with such a diverse network of individuals and organizations. Her friendliness, commitment and perseverance deserve admiration. I shall always remember her as a true friend and an outstanding member of our international team.

  12. Giacomo Mazzone, IGF
    Giacomo Mazzone, IGF
    at · Reply

    My deepest condolences for the death of Haiyan.
    She was really a committed and nice person, always available and curious and dedicated.
    We shall regret very much her absence from future IGF.

  13. Najat Zarrouk, CEPA Member
    Najat Zarrouk, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    This is a real loss to all of us and for UN.
    She was supportive to every one.
    I’m really very sad and I will sorely miss her as all of us.
    My deepest condolences to her family and team.

  14. Jessie Hou, Institute of Information, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
    Jessie Hou, Institute of Information, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
    at · Reply

    We have the privilege of knowing Ms. Haiyan and her wonderful team since UNPAN-AP Editorial Department, RCOCI became a member of UNPAN, and all of us were deeply impressed by Ms. Qian’s fascinating passion for life and dedication to the lofty cause of UNPAN.
    She was regarded as an honest, respectable lady with great humour and a wise leader. Now I, on behalf of Mr. Wang Shiwei and Dang Qimin, Directors of Institute of Information, SASS, Li Nong, Head of UNPAN-AP Editorial Department, and Professor Wang Jianhua, convey our greatest condolences to DPADM and the whole UNPAN family!

  15. Margaret Saner, CEPA Member
    Margaret Saner, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    How very sad, seeing Haiyan being so proactive and dedicated at our meeting last year it is hard to believe that she has left this world. I join with my colleagues in expressing my deepest sympathy to her family and in thinking of you all as you deal with this loss.

  16. Jan Ziekow, CEPA Member
    Jan Ziekow, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    This is a really sad message. My deeply heartfelt condolences to her familiy and all her friends.

  17. S K Rao, CEPA Member
    S K Rao, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    I am shocked and distressed that Ms.Haiyan Qian passed away. She was a
    gentle person committed to the good values of the UN. She had been a
    great colleague to all of us and I am very sorry to hear that she passed
    away. We will miss her enormously.

    My condolences to her family.

  18. Noriko Nagayoshi, SAO
    Noriko Nagayoshi, SAO
    at · Reply

    My deepest condolences.
    She will be remembered her dedication and hardworking.
    Please pass my deepest sympathy to her loved family.

  19. Odette Ramsingh, CEPA Member
    Odette Ramsingh, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    It is indeed with great sadness that I have received this news.
    It was a pleasure to have worked with her. She always displayed the
    highest levels of professionalism and always was willing to listen.
    My deepest condolences go out to her family.

  20. SK Sinha
    SK Sinha
    at · Reply

    It is indeed a big loss for us. In fact I had never met her but certainly met her virtually during last UNPAN meeting at Cape Town, when she addressed all of us through video link, and I distinctly remember and appreciate her commitment to the cause of governance.
    We all pray that her soul rests in peace.

  21. Meredith Edwards, CEPA Member
    Meredith Edwards, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    What a shock and so sad – she was stoic, passionate and committed to the end. What wonderful memories we will have but of a life cut short so very early. May I join with my colleagues in passing on heartfelt condolences to all you were close to her. All the very best in handling the inevitable shock and grief of losing a great companion.

  22. Khaled Sellami, Government of Tunisia
    Khaled Sellami, Government of Tunisia
    at · Reply

    I was really sorry to learn that Ms. Haiyan Qian, Director of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management has passed away this week. In this sad occasion I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to all colleagues and friends in UNDESA.

  23. Hao Bin, CEPA Member
    Hao Bin, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    I was shocked to learn the sad news! Haiyan’s passing gives me profound sadness. I would like to join the other members of the CEPA to send my deep condolences to her grieving family and colleagues from the Division! It is indeed a great loss not only to her loved ones and to CEPA and to me as close friend.
    I got to know Haiyan 20 years ago. I was always impressed by her energy and dedication to the work of the UN.
    I will always cherish the worderful memories that we worked together. She will be remenbered as a champion of the global public administration, an dedecated UN staff member, and very close friend.

  24. Luis F. Aguilar, CEPA Member
    Luis F. Aguilar, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    Haiyan’s intelligence, devotion to public administration activities,
    warm and respectful communication will be something unforgettable and
    to emulate.
    I express you and all DPADM / DESA colleagues my solidarity, condolence
    and friendship.

  25. Gwendoline Williams, CEPA Member
    Gwendoline Williams, CEPA Member
    at · Reply

    I do join other CEPA colleagues and those of DPADM/UNDESA in mourning the loss of Haiyan whose leadership contributed immensely to the successful functioning of CEPA. I will miss her professionalism and very aimable disposition.

    My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

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